Boys of Blood and Bone

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Aspects of characterisation | Character 1:Henry,lyon | Character 2:Andy,lansell | Personality | Easy going, kind hearted | Serious, gentle nature | Known relationships | Janine and Cecelia- Henry meets them in the local pub, Trot-meets Henry when the Volvo breaks down. Nick and Marcus-mates Henry has grown up with when he was a kid, they meet up at the beach.Marcelle-Henrys girlfriend he was meant to meet up with her at St Helena Bay | Darcy and bob-Two mates who Andy went to war with.Cecilia-Andy’s girlfriend who he was engaged to at the time of leaving.Francis-Jane-Andy had a one night stand with her and she got pregnant . | Physical traits | He is young , tanned , and taller than average | Smaller than average, physically fit, strength in his expression | Destination | Henry was going to St Helena bay to go wind surfing | Andy went to France to fight the Germans . | Boys of Blood and Bone by David Metzenthen Blog activity 1: Part 1: Describe the two characters whose perspectives tell the story. Part 2: Describe your early impressions of the secondary characters Trot, Cecelia, Janine, Darcy and Bob. C) Provide one quote from the novel describing your character. For each quote add a short explanation of what the quote reveals about the character and how you feel about the character. Trott : P2 "Your car back there , mate?" Budda lifted a thumb, silver wrapped around sunglasses as a slit in a mailbox. 'Ya wanna lift? Getcha to the garage before it shuts.' Trott was confident and very helpful, not too shy to lend a hand when he was needed. This character is someone who would make a good reliable mate . Cecelia : P 158 "And that has been the one great regret of my

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