boys dont cry

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Omair Chaudhry
Prof. Boon Ngeo Lee
October 29, 2008 Analysis of Boys Don't Cry Deviance is a complex phonemenon which holds different connotations in different societies. Its significance and insinuations vary with time and the supposed scociocultural norms of the time. Deviance would not be possible without norms. Norms refer to established or accepted practices which are deemed to be within the realm of reasonability. People strive to adhere to the cultural norms of their time and go at great lengths to ensure their acceptance into the society. Violatiosn of norms, which appear in teh form of deviance, may be characterized as trasgressions of folkways, mores, or laws. The reppercussions associated with the violation of a given norm may help to determine the kind of norm which may have been violated. Violation of laws may result in legal proceedings leading to fines or potentially jail time. Transgression of folkways may involve not adhereing to informal and unwritten rules of conduct inherent in a given society or an historical time period. According to Korgen et al., mores "are those norms related to behaviors that reflect the values society holds most dear." Adhering strictly to certain sexual behaviors or orientations are part of mores of a given society. Violation of mores may result in a vehement outcry of disaproval by society. The scenario outlined in this movie fits in violation of mores asscociated with abnormal sexual behavior. The character named Tinna Brandon is featured as a yound woman who has a self proclaimed sexual identity crisis. She is not just being a Tom boy. That is, she is acting like a boy rather than just being boyish. She is essentially a lesbian. Such an abnomal sexual orientaion is totally unacceptable to the people living in samll town America. As shown in the movie, Tinna faces a wave of anger after
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