Boys And Body Image

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Boys and Body Image Academic Summary Body image is no longer a women’s only issue, studies show that the number of boys and men concerned about their physique is increasing. (Thea O’Connor VHETTA Annual Conference 1998 _’Visions’ ECHO Vol. 38 No. 1 1999) Concerns about body image in males, is present in children, teenagers and men. Studies predict that it affects the male’s self esteem due to various factors which lead them behaving in a certain way towards their health and appearance. It is necessary that those issues be addressed in classrooms. Teenage boys, who have a lighter body build, develop a feeling of self consciousness and inadequacy. A Queensland survey indicated that 46% of year 8 boys unsatisfied with their bodies. An international survey of 550 men indicated that body dissatisfaction is increasing among men. The survey published in Psychology Today revealed that from 1972 to 1997 there was a jump of men discontent from 15% to 43%, 56% of Gay men are unhappy with their bodies and 11% of men are willing to trade 5 years of their lives to be their ideal weight. A number of surveys predicted that the men are evenly divided between those who want to be thinner and those who want to be bigger. Most men who desire to lose weigh do appear overweight in contrast to women who are unsatisfied with their body weight despite even though they are in a healthy weight. Likewise, men who want to be bigger are within the healthy weight range too. Dr. Murray studies suggest that boys’ absence from sport at school is due to their self esteem and being self cautious about their bodies. Young men’s idea of masculinity that ‘bigger is better’ leads to rise in steroid taking and aggressive behavior. Fitness and strength are more important for the young men’s self esteem then women. Men are more likely to exercise then diet but they take longer to notice

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