Boys And Masculinity

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Girls have the appearance to be more affectionate and to have admirable abilities, while boys appear to be more aggressive and have less superior abilities, which can be due to the effects of testosterone or the effects of society. In the essay "What about the Boys," Michael S. Kimmel argues how biological differences are not the reason why men in society act how they do today. One cause would be the act of violence which males have generated in society as a huge predicament. This can be causes of psychological illnesses and social commotion which statistics show that males go through emotional disturbance, attention deficit disorder (A.D.D), failure to stay in school, and also behavioral problems. Second, masculinity has been such a daring transformation which affects all males from the time they are young. It has caused young and adult males to be more less superior and also show lack of confidence. Kimmel also suggests that feminists have bought a change in men where "feminism" might be applied in ways that actually help boys. Given that the unfairness and misinformation has created back lashes between males and females has clearly argued by Kimmel which he emphasizes how the "traditional masculinity" has affected how a boy portrays himself in society. Violence is a major influence in men's masculinity because it causes the men to think into a different state of mind. Kimmel's first suggestion is obviously the act of violence that a male portrays in society. Kimmel states that boys,"....get into fights twice as often; they murder ten times more frequently..." (369). The major problem in our society today we worry about are gang violence. According to a male's perspective, a majority of males tend to join these oraganizations because some males' parents are showing neglect to their children, so they look into these organization where they can be taken care of and

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