Boys and Girls Analysis

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Boys and Girls Analysis Character The main character and protagonistbv is the narrator or the girl in the story. She is a young female who would rather help her father with the farm work than doing typical house work with her mother. She behaves unlike a typical girl rural setting. She has a certain state of mind that is commonly associated with a man such as working the farmland. At the same time she also has some characteristics that are commonly associated with girls such as being emotional and gentle. Throughout the story her character changes as in the beginning she imagines stories of helping and rescuing people which is commonly associated with men but then she imagines stories of being rescued by a heroic hero which is a dream that most young dream of. Examples of this are in the quote " Besides carrying water I helped my father when he cut the long grass, and the lamb's quarter and flowering money-musk, that grew between the pens. He cut with the scythe and I raked into piles. "( pg 3) In this quote we see her with a boys mindset as she is helping her father with the land. Another quote is " A story might start off in the old way, with a spectacular danger, a fire or wild animals, and for a while I might rescue people; then things would change around, and instead, somebody would be rescuing me. It might be a boy from our class at school, or even Mr. Campbell, our teacher, who tickled girls under the arms." In this quote we see how she changes as she is imagining her being rescued by a girl. rebellious Relationship and conflict The main conflict in the story is Society vs Person as the narrator is expected to follow certain gender stereotypes such as girls doing housework and nothing else . In this conflict is her relationship with her father as she and her father share a close knit relationship. One way the conflict of Society vs person is
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