Boys and Girls Alone Essay

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In 2009 the British TV program, Boys And Girls alone, was broadcasted on the British channel 4. The series attracted serious press attention and got considerable complaints about child abuse and cruelty. Here are three statements with various attitudes towards the program: As a response to one of the complainers, Andrew Mackenzie wrote a letter where he assured the safety and welfare of the children was one of the biggest concerns during the making of the program. The essence of the production was to give the children the opportunity of making their own choices in a safe environment. In addition to this Mackenzie sums up how every single participant was chosen by experts to make sure they would cope in the show. Throughout the whole letter the broadcaster maintains his opinion that the show was only produced to help the kids learn how to behave properly when parents were not around. In another review we meet the senior lector in psychotherapy, Dr. House, who expresses his deepest concerns for the children. Mr Mackenzie’s statements have been called to question by several accusations. At first the insurance of having a safe environment is criticized of being impossible to fulfill. Next to that Dr House eagerly wants to have an open discussion with the well-spoken experts, who were to carefully pick each participant knowing that their mentally could handle the show. Overall the doctor is very dissatisfied with the program and finishes his letter with the words:” What we have here, in short, is nothing more than a grotesque social experiment conducted on child gunie-pigs”. At last we experience the satisfaction of a mother to one of the participants through an interview. Right before the final show Aurdrey, 44, showed her contentment by the fact, that she had no worries about the safety for her child. She had the full trust in the organizers of the

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