Boys and Girls Alone Essay

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Outline ¬The show Boys and girls alone has received a lot of criticism. It has been said by many people, that it was irresponsible to let eight 11 year olds live by themselves. Andrew Mackenzie, head of Factual Entertainment, clarifies that no children were in danger during the experiment, that their parents had interference and they had the opportunity to remove them from the show whenever they saw fit. Andrew Mackenzie furthermore explains that the children had been chosen carefully by experts, regardless of whether they were suitable for the show or not. Dr. Richard House, Senior Lecturer in Psychotherapy at Roehampton University, has a different opinion. He thinks the children are shown as guinea-pigs. He does not understand how any expert would urge any child to participate in such a show. Audrey Scott, the mother of the boy TJ, who took part in the show, explains that her son has actually grown with the part. She claims that he is now acting like an adult. Actually, the mother thinks that the show has been a good experience for TJ, and that he was not harmed in any way. Even though Audrey Scott is the mother of one of the contestants, and even though she has experienced it all first hand, I would say that Dr. Richard House is the one with the best qualifications, and is more qualified to discuss whether this show is right or wrong for the children. Audrey Scott is not qualified to say whether her son has suffered from the show or not. Dr. Richard House has a degree in psychology, and he is more trustworthy. Since Audrey Scott does not have any psychologist to back her up and since we do not know anything about her qualifications as a mother or have any knowledge of her education, I must say that Dr. Richard House’s statements are more reliable. Andrew Mackenzie has got no psychological education, and all he seems to be doing is explaining

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