Boyhood Movie Review

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Steven Preston Mr. Osborne Boyhood The movie boyhood Directed by Richard Linklatter was a huge step forward in the film making industry in creating something completely new and unique. Filmed over 12 years this insane venture began in 2002 and hit theaters just earlier this year (2014). This film truly is far beyond its years and not only is largely unique, but also an amazing story that will fill the viewer with intense nostalgia and emotion. They would meet for roughly 6 weeks every year each year to get the filming they needed. Seeing as none of the actors or actresses involved had no written contracts, this movie was basically just a shot in the dark. At anytime anyone of the people involved could have dropped out and decided not to continue moving forward with the film. Considering the movie was an independent film as well, was a huge risk for the studios investing the movie in the filming. Even the director himself only had a very broad idea of the direction to take the movie, each year he waited to see how the little boy (Eller) evolved. He let him grow up naturally and whichever direction he chose to go with his interests or passions, Richard Linklatter let him go there. Considering all of the moving parts you would think once it all came together it would seem a little all over the place, but that was far from the case. Me and my brother attended an early screening for this movie for in Hollywood, and got to see an interview with Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette (played the mother and father of the boy) after the film wrapped up. They were talking about how insane of an idea it was when they began and how they thought it would never get done because of all the lose ends and how far away the end date was. Ethan said how they never got to see the filming they did from each year so they had no idea how it was all going to come together. I think
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