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[AGENCY NAME] This document provides policies, standards, and rules of behavior (ROB) for the use of personally-owned smart phones and/or tablets by [AGENCY NAME] employees (herein referred to as users) to access [AGENCY NAME] network resources. Access to and continued use of network services is granted on condition that each user reads, signs, respects, and follows the [AGENCY NAME]’s policies concerning the use of these devices and services. The Office of Information Technology (OIT) is piloting a “Bring Your Own Device” (BOYD) program to permit agency personnel to use personally owned smart phones and tablets for business purpose. The policy and ROB vary depending on service usage, as outlined below. Current Devices Approved for Use During BYOD Pilot: Android Smart Phones & Tablets Blackberry Smart Phones & Playbook iOS iPhones & iPads Expectation of Privacy: [AGENCY NAME] will respect the privacy of your personal device and will only request access to the device by technicians to implement security controls, as outlined below, or to respond to legitimate discovery requests arising out of administrative, civil, or criminal proceedings (applicable only if user downloads government email/attachments/documents to their personal device) . This differs from policy for government-provided equipment/services, where government employees do not have the right, nor should they have the expectation, of privacy while using government equipment or services. While access to the personal device itself is restricted, [AGENCY NAME] Policy and Rules of Behavior regarding the use/access of government e-mail and other government system/service remains in effect. If there are questions related to compliance with the below security requirements, the user may opt to drop out of the BYOD program versus providing the device to technicians for compliance verification.
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