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FREMANTLE PRISON AUSTRALIAN HISTORY CURRICULUM LINKS FOR YEAR 10 THE MODERN WORLD AND AUSTRALIA – RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS WARNING Offensive Language This document includes direct quotes from oral histories and interviews with Aboriginal prisoners at Fremantle Prison which includes language that will be offensive to some readers as well as language that could be deemed racist in certain contexts. These quotes have been reproduced here with their offensive content unedited and intact so as to maintain an accurate representation of the prisoners’ voices. Images This document contains images of Aboriginal people who are deceased. There are also images of Aboriginal prisoners wearing neck chains. Some of these images may be distressing to some people. Subject Matter The subject matter covered in this document includes deeply emotive subjects such as crime, punishment, death, as well as racial discrimination against Aboriginal people. The document includes information about Aboriginal people in prison and discussion of deaths in custody. This information, while on the public record, may be distressing to the families of those people involved. Please use this information sensitively and with respect for the Aboriginal families and others involved. CONTENTS Fremantle Prison 4 Curriculum Links 5 Historical Inquiry 7 Planning a School Excursion 9 Suggested Pre‐Visit Activity 12 Suggested Post‐Visit Activity 16 Historical Overview 20 FREMANTLE PRISON In 2010 Fremantle Prison, along with 10 other historic convict sites around Australia, was placed on the World Heritage Register for places of universal significance. Collectively known as the Australian Convict Sites these places tell the story of the colonisation of Australia and the building of a nation. Fremantle Prison is Western Australia’s most important
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