Boy in the Striped Pyjamas Alternate Ending- Chapter 20

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My class finished reading this and we had to come up with an alternative ending. Most of them all ended with Bruno and Shmuel escaping and running away. Mine's different. It had to start from when they met at the fence before Bruno went over to the other side. I know it's really short, ut that was the word limit and I don't quite feel like expanding it, at least for now. 'Did you bring the pyjamas?' Bruno asked Shmuel nervously. Shmuel nodded and passed them over to him. Stripping himself, Bruno started to have second thoughts about venturing over to the other side of the fence. What if they didn't find Shmuel's Father? And what if they did? Would he like that Bruno is friends with Shmuel? What if one of the soldiers that would come and go from his house as if it were his own recognised him? Bruno had already betrayed Shmuel once, when Lieutenant Kotler had caught Shmuel eating the chicken, he hated that he'd have to do it again. But no, he couldn't. Carefully climbing underneath the broken part of the fence he joined Shmuel on the other side. 'Lets go find Papa!' Shmuel said, with a certain amount of hope lingering in his voice. Slowly, they made their way to the camp. 'I don't think I like this side of the fence, I don't think I like it at all. I-' 'Have to go back?' interrupted Shmuel. '-Yes. I'm sorry Shmuel. I'll ask my father about your Papa. I promise,' and before he could change his mind, Bruno started running back towards the fence. He took one last glance at the blob that he supposed was Shmuel, who was being herded to walk somewhere with a group of other people from his side of the fence, and darted underneath the fence. 'HOW DARE YOU TRY TO ESCAPE!' boomed a solider. Bruno turned around, and saw that the solider was addressing him. 'YES YOU!' he yelled, and raised his gun. Bruno knew what was about to happen a split second before

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