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Box Jellyfish Imagine going to your favorite swimming spot, jumping in the water, and having tons of fun, when the unimaginable happens. You get caught in a Box Jellyfish, and it is wrapping itself around you and injecting tons of venom into your body, and almost dying. This is what happened to Rachael Shardlow on an ordinary day. Box Jellyfish are one of the most dangerous animals in the world. In Australia, Rachael Shardlow and her brother went swimming in the Calliope River in December. Rachael was practicing her flips, and just having fun when something horrible happened. She had tangled herself in a box jellyfish, which was wrapped around her arms and legs. As the jellyfish stun her, it injected lethal venom into her body. This happens as soon as the jellyfish were to touch someone. She was pulled out of the water by her brother, and two campers threw vinegar on her because that is the only way to remove the Box Jellyfish. Her parents took her to the hospital, and her dad did CPR to get her breathing again. From her dad doing CPR, it saved her life. Box Jellyfish are very dangerous fish that live in the ocean around Australia. They live in shallow waters mainly. The Jellyfish are extremely clear and large, so they are impossible to see in the water. They have nine feet long tentacles, and 24 unblinking eyes, so they can see 360 degrees around. If they come close to you, you will get stuck in there tentacles (Tarshis 6-7). As soon as the tentacles touch your skin, it injects deadly venom into your body. Immediately, you stop breathing, you lose consciousness, the heart beats irregularly, then it stops beating, and venom is absorbed into the blood stream very rapidly (6). Box Jellyfish are extremely dangerous, and depending on how bad the stings are, people may die. Over the decades, the Box Jellyfish have

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