Bowling For Columbine Essay: How Violent America

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BFC reaction essay Before watching Bowling for Columbine, I had no idea how violent America was compared to some of the other countries. After the movie, I was very shocked and disturbed. I was also questioning if I still wanted to live in the United States. In this paper I will be explaining a reason for why I reacted the way I did. After watching the movie, I was very shocked. I could not believe the number of gun violence in the United States. I think the media plays an important role in the violence that goes on here. When watching the news, the reports are always on the same thing; robberies, murders, and gangs. In Canada, their news focuses more on the positive aspects of their community. In Canada, the residents leave their doors…show more content…
I could not believe a first grader shot another first grader. I could not believe two students shot their own peers. The violence in America is ridiculous. I don’t understand why people choose to kill other people. I wish I could understand so I could help prevent them from doing so. I also felt disturbed when Charlton Heston held a pro-gun rally after the Columbine shooting. He also showed up after the first grader was shot. Charlton Heston refused to say sorry for hosting the rallies after the horrifying events. It just shows how ignorant people are in the United States. This movie really made me question if I really want to live in the United States. With all the violence that happens here, how can anyone feel safe? I think about how the random man broke into my house and in Canada they never have that problem. I would love to wake up and listen to the positive events on the news instead of all the negative events. I would love to walk outside at night without thinking about someone jumping me. After watching this movie, it really had me thinking about all the gun violence in the United States. I am still shocked at the number of killings resulting from gun violence. I wish there would be something I could do to help the number go down but I’m just one person with a little

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