Bowling for Columbine

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Shadin Kaskas English 100 Paez Argumentative Writing August 1, 2011 Fear? Or Just to Easy Prompt: #1 In the documentary Bowling for Columbine American filmmaker Michael Moore, Moore points out the ridiculously high amount of gun violence use in the United States. Michael Moore grew up in Michigan, “the gun lover state”. He questions why the American people have the highest rate of gun violence compared to wealthy industrialized nation. Throughout his documentary Moore addresses the roots of this violence, and explores the Oklahoma City bombing and the Columbine shooting, which he blames on fear. He also blames the easy access to guns in the United States. In the Constitution, the second amendment protects “the right of the people to keep and bear arms.” In the documentary Moore interviews James Nichols (brother of Oklahoma bombing Terri Nichols), Nichols says that he should be able to not only bear arms (guns), but also own any gun he wants. Why? To point out that it is constitutional, and can be protected at all times. Nichols further discusses how the Federal government raided his farm after the bombing. Nichols is very anti- government and feels that they are filled with fear. Nichols is very paranoid to the point where he sleeps with gun under his pillow. What makes him so scared to cuddle with a gun? Is it the media? The government? It’s a little bit of both government and media. Everyday we come across stories on the 7 O’clock that fill us with fear. If it’s not someone being murdered, it’s a natural disaster or a terrorist attack. We are constantly replaying these news stories in our minds on a 24-hour newsfeed, which makes us even more fearful. The government has so many rules but gives us easy access to guns. If the man is getting accused of bombings repeatedly, and
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