Bowling for Columbine

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Bowling for Columbine, a documentary written and directed by Mr Michael Moore in 2002 after the horrific shooting at Columbine High School, on April 20th 1999. Not long after the shooting, Americans were quick to blame violent video games, movies and heavy metal music artists. Mr Moore believes that this is not the reason, but believes that it was caused by America's relaxed gun laws. Through the use of technical, written and audio codes Moore did an excellent job at portraying his negative views about America's gun laws and how racist America is. In this documentary Mr More used an audio code known as a voice over, one example is where he showed us a film of buildings being blown up and saying over the top of this clip “and the president ordered the bombing of another country we couldn’t pronounce”. Moore also showed us a picture of a lady holding an M-16 to show a negative side of America, but also showed us footage of people bowling and shot of the statue of liberty to show us a positive side of America and to also ensure the viewer opinions weren’t as harsh. Throughout the start of the documentary Mr Moore used quite a lot of sarcasm especially when he described this an average morning in America. America has a very violent history and in this documentary Moore has tried to show as much as he can so we can understand why. Moore included a cartoon entitled ‘A Brief History of America’ this clip included information about gun laws and how racist America came to be. When Americans landed on the shore of America, it was colonized by the Native Americans. The white Americans were scared of these ‘black’ people so they shot them all, they were still scared after this and started shooting each other. After time they went to Africa to enslave ‘black’ people, because they didn’t trust the ‘black’ people everyone ended up owning a gun as well as children. Mr Moore
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