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Bowling Competitively Essay

  • Submitted by: ccrobinson1488
  • on December 3, 2013
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Calvin C Robinson
Informative Speech #2
November 7th, 2013

Bowling Competitively

Specific Purpose; To inform the audience that bowling can be done competitively.

  I. Most of you have been bowling at some point in life. How many of you would like to become competitive bowler?
  II. I’ve been bowling for 10 years. I started as a youth bowler to now as an adult competing in local and state tournaments.
  III. Today I will introduce four important elements of becoming a competitive bowler mental mindset, bowling equipment, coaching, and joining leagues or tournaments.

  I. Preparing your mind has to be the first priority when becoming a competitive bowler.
  A. Think about what it is you want out of bowling.
  B.   Visualize the direction you want to take.
  C. Control your personal thoughts whether positive or negative.

  II. Having the right bowling equipment is vital to being a competitive bowler.
  A. There are two major things a custom drilled bowling ball helps you with.
  a.   Proper weight distribution of the bowling ball to the fingers.
  b. Finger holes fit your hand comfortably.
  B.   Proper fitting shoes are also a vital piece of equipment in a bowler’s arsenal.
  a. Bowling shoes help with balance at the approach.
  b. Bowling shoes help reduce the risk of injury if properly fitted.

  III. Having a bowling coach is beneficial and essential to improving your game and technique.
  A. Coaches teach the fundamental techniques of bowling.
  B. They instruct you on all the different aspects of the game.

  IV. Leagues and tournaments are organized events that competitive bowlers join to advance their skills, make money and compete.
  A. Leagues are an inexpensive way for a bowler to compete and advance skills.
  a. Bowling leagues cost between $20-30 a week.
  b. Leagues typically last 22-36 weeks.
  B. Bowling Tournaments are quite expensive and are more...

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