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Chlo- Bowel cancer is the second most common cause of cancer death in the UK Mol- Every 30 minutes someone dies from bowel cancer in the UK - over 16,000 each year Han one person every 15 minutes is diagnosed with bowel cancer chlo- It was founded in 1987 by Patrick Dolan and was initially known as the britta dolan memorial cancer fund in memory of his wife who died from bowel cancer. he set it up as he was frustrated with the lack of treatment options available for his wife and support and care for bowel cancer patients. The charity has helped nurses learn more about bowel cancer and therefore can educate the increasing number of enquiries from people newly diagnosed, confused and unsure of how to approach their doctors. han- In 1997 a 24 hour information-line was set up to answer the growing number of enquiries, operated by volunteers for the charity. In 2012 new awareness campaigns took place, eg national roadshow 'dont blush look before you flush' with the message spreading to 17 million people in the uk. mol- The charity was introduced into work places eg cadburys and raised awareness and gains sponsor to help fundraise the charity eg majestic wine is the sponsor for 2012. in 2009 'check' campaign started and increased the public profile with an increasing in screenings which reduced deaths. Bowel Cancer got this 'check' message to half a million people in the UK mol- How do they raise money? They receive money from charity fundraising events. They have events such as fundraising walks, treks, cycling and runs, as well as more adventurous ones such as skydiving. You can also run as a sponsor for Bowel cancer like my aunty did in the London Marathon in 2009. Bowel Cancer UK also holds other special events which are exclusive and involve raising money from buying a ticket to the event and other things that occur at the event. They also rely

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