Bow Street Runners Essay

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Tim Danner Bow Street Runners Essay The book Richmond; Scenes in the Life of a Bow Street Runner by Richmond shows what life was like in Britain in the 18th century. It was written in 1827 and displays the exciting, eventful city life. Alcohol was everywhere, and mentioned very frequently in the book. There is an obvious separation of class shown by vast differences in clothing to education, and many other elements. Richmond portrays this very well through characterization of rich, extravagant upper class in contrast to the life of the lower class that had to steal to make a living. The topic most revealed was crime, which is apparent by the topic of the book. As crime was an increasing problem, Bow Street had to improve its legal system and the way it caught villains. Life in the city was very exciting but also filthy and dangerous. Alehouses, gambling dens, and brothels were easy to find. In the book Tom Richmond passed a bar and heard a drunken Jem Bucks singing, with a chorus following behind him. The tone he used showed this was not an uncommon sight. Drinking was a past time participated by most, at almost any hour of the day seen frequently in the book. "Sir, a drop o' good liquor is no bad thing, as you say, and mayhap you might like to taste some'at out o' my bottle.” Alcohol was not just a past time, but also used as “Liquid courage” on multiple occasions. Tom explains how Jem Bucks was fearless on the boat even with a big woman with a knife lurking around in the dark. Tom uses “liquid courage” when looking for ghosts around an old cemetery. Drinking was never frowned upon, even when on the job. In the article Enquiry into Increase Robbers, the author gives this description of the city; “eyes are feasted with show, and the ears with music, and where gluttony and drunkenness are allured by every kind of dainty; nay where the finest women are exposed to

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