Bourdieu Cultural Capital Essay

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1a. Explain what is meant by ‘cultural capital’. (2 marks) Bourdieu argues that cultural capital is when middle class parents transmit their values and attitudes onto their children. This gives them an advantage in education because education is a middle class institution. 1b. Suggest three reasons for gender difference in subject choice. (6 marks) • Primary socialisation – Oakley suggests gender role socialisation, i.e. boys play with masculine toys and girls play with feminine toys at an early age influences their decision to opt for certain subjects. For example, boys are more likely to choose design technology and girls are more likely to choose food technology. • Peer pressure – both girls and boys are influenced by their peers. For example, boys are unlikely to do ‘art subjects’ such as Drama and Dance because some sociologists say they threaten masculine identity. • Future career – students may be influenced by future career plans. For example, subjects like ‘Health and Social Care’ and ‘Child Development’ are mainly taken by girls because they want to work in social care. 1c. Outline some of the policies introduced by governments to create an education market in the United Kingdom. (12 marks) There is an argument in sociology…show more content…
One explanation for this is labelling. Interactionists say that teachers negatively label Afro-Caribbean children as being ‘trouble-makers’ and consequently give them little attention in class. Gillborn agrees with this and says that teachers are more likely to discipline black pupils more than other students for the same behaviour. Also there is an idea that teachers form racial stereotypes of black students as they associate them with gangs and crime. This can lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy in which black students internalise these negative views and consequently behave
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