Bound East For Cardiff Essay

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Bound East Fof Cardiff The old story from Eugene O’neill that tell about seaman’s life, start from the conversation of seamans while the ship on the voyage between New york and Cardiff. They are talking about anything and finally they talking about their friend, Yank who get serious injured after he fall from the ship . Feeling too bad that they intended to Yank, the Man who very friendly for them. Driscoll, one of his friends was the most pathetic of the disaster that befell his friend. According to Driscoll, Yank was too good to accept these difficulties. Yank feeling unwell after he fell, he hopeless with his condition and prefer to died faster because he knew it will be better than he sick and make others difficult. Theme of this play is “hopeless with destiny”. Yank the major character in this story is described as a person who dissapointed and hopeless with his life especially his job. From that I can feel the passion of Yank. He surfeit with his monoton life as seaman who journey from one ship to another ship, getting small pay, have big risk, separated from family, travelling all over the world but never seeing of it and also without one care whether they live or not. He want to has a normal life, a normal life in his mind is like people who live in dryland who have farm, own house and also family. He also think that living in dryland will make him more stable and better than his life in at the sea. In this case, yank in the position of victims of circumstances that the reality of being a crew who have to accept and he can not to choose and do much for it. That’s why yank being low motivation especially after he fell from the ship. In the middle of story until the end, the conversation are dominated by Yank and Driscoll. They sharing about their experiences as seaman and Yank become talk active at the time. Yank tell about the past, about the

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