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Bouncing Ball Lab Aim To determine whether the floor’s material effect the bounce of a bouncing ball Investigation Flooring is the covering of the floor with some layers of flattened materials. Flooring is usually done in order to provide a walking surface. There there are many different types of flooring that provide to different purposes. Concrete is the most frequent material used for flooring, especially in India. It is hard, non- porous, very durable and inexpensive. Concrete floor last for decades and since its non-porous, it is easy to clean and maintain the concrete flooring. The only drawback to the flooring would be the temperature. It gets too cold in cold temperature. But since India is a country with overall hot temperature, people go for concrete. Another type of flooring would be wooden flooring, found in basketball court in our school. Wooden flooring is made from layers of woods glued alternately or parallel together to form a flat walking surface. People prefer wooden laminated floors as it is solid and durable, warm throughout the year, recyclable and is easy to install and repair. The reason it is not very popular is that it is expensive and does get damaged by continuous use of water. Wooden flooring is porous. Metal flooring is either rare or not found in any household. It is unpopular as it is a good conductor of heat and electricity, making it too dangerous to be found in any house. However, it is found in busses as it is very strong, non-porous and durable. Carpet flooring is any decorative textile made of thick material usually used for floor covering. People prefer carpets as it is a good sound insulator, decorative material and can match any building material. However, it is extremely porous as it absorbs water very quickly and its expenditure of maintenance is very high. Rubber floor (turf) is usually found for sporting

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