Bottom of the Hill Essay

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Ondraya Marks 10/16/12 Composition 101 Once upon a time there was a little girl that lived on the bottom of Cheshire hill. A beautiful little girl with sparkling green eyes and cascading brown hair. The smile of an angel, a smile that could light up a room and melts any boys heart, Her name was Ondraya and she was about to learn a very important lesson. She hated her parents and the way they treated her, “like a baby” she’d say. One day after she had snuck cookies before dinner they sent her to bed without supper. In a rage she yelled “I hate you!” and stomped to her room. Once she slammed the door behind her, she tore pictures and screamed. She wished she never had parents and that they disappeared. She wailed and kicked and cried till eventually she fell asleep angry at her parents and the way they had mistreated her. After a few hours Ondraya woke up, but had awoken in a room that was not her own. The princess bed she once had slept in was now replaced with a concrete floor and a cardboard box laid flat. Her tv was now replaced with a few garbage cans, hissing cats, and the sound of car alarms in the distance. She jumped up with a fright, and started to wail. She ran out of the alleyway and ran onto the busy street. She frantically grabbed the sagging coats and legs of everyone who past asking if they knew where her parents were, but the only information that was given to her was the address of the orphanage down the street and some spare change passersby had in their pockets. As she walked down an alleyway she smelled someone cooking turkey, with mashed potatoes and a thick goo of gravy poured on top. The odors of pumpkin pie, cookies and spice danced in her nose as her stomach grumbled hungrily for it. She remembered how her mom would always let her cut the turkey first and let her take the best for herself. She stared at the ground as she walked

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