Bottlenose Dolphins Essay

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Bottlenose Dolphins are beautiful, friendly, mammals that are loved all around the globe. The dolphins are usually put in water parks to swim with. The dolphin is a very happy and playful animal. That’s what makes it the best one. The dolphin is also a very sociable mammal. The life span is up 50 years. It can weigh 330-440 lbs and it can only have one calf. And that 1 calf is always by his mom. The scientific name for the Bottlenose Dolphins is Delphinidae, but the common name is Bottlenose Dolphins. The habitat of the Dolphins is a big variety from coastal waters to the open ocean. In the coastal ecotype, the dolphins seem to be adapted for warm, shallow waters. The Community is Aquatic. Many open sea creatures. A dolphin eats a wide variety of fish, and their hunting varies according to the population of food. When large schools of fish are there, many dolphins will try catching their own fish by communicating with one another. They take the fish into the top of the water and force them to the surface of the water, making it impossible for the fish to breath and escape. Dolphins usually hunt during the day. However, when fish begin migrating, fish automatically become their prey to dolphins. Dolphins also search for squid which are active at night. The predators are some big shark species as like tiger shark, dusky shark, great white shark, and the bull shark. The dolphin can defend its self but with the skills of the shark, it’s not rare for the dolphin to fail. But also targeting a single adult dolphin can be also dangerous for the shark of similar size. Certain killer whale populations may also prey on dolphins, but this seems rare and others may swim with dolphins. The EXACT estimation population of the bottlenose dolphin is not known. But there is much different estimations. In the eastern tropical Pacific, the population

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