Bottled Water vs Tap Water

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Bottled water Debates appear to have grown a lot on whether bottled water is worth spending money on or not, especially while it is available for free. However, we all know that tap water is cleaned that have been through so many waste. Dr.Pankaj Parekh, director of the water quality division of the city of Los Angeles, has mentioned that, “Water in some cities containers, has contained contaminants that become likely cancer-causing compounds when exposed to sunlight” (Duhigg, “That Tap Water Is Legal But Maybe Unhealthy”)1. Furthermore, not all countries in the world have their tap water drinkable. Bottled water has negative and positive effects on the environment and human health. Moreover, the positive outweigh the negative with bottled water. Tap water is filtered from wastes, sometimes it can’t be 100% filtered, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)2. Most people think that tap water has the same taste as bottled water, which is incorrect in my opinion. Drinking water from the tap tastes different, and its not a very safe thing to do I believe. The chemicals that are used to filter the tap water, such as, chlorine, lead and giardia, are toxic and it’s very dangerous for humans. The process of filtering the water strips out all the natural minerals that are found in the water, and our body needs it. While the bottled water is all natural resources, which means the natural minerals are still there. Also it feels like drinking water that its fresh and tasty. To think of the costs of bottled water can benefit something else. For example, according to The Earth Policy institute in Washington “In Praise of Tap Water,”it takes 1.5 billion barrels of oil to make the bottle water, which could fuel 1 million cars a year instead. It is totally right and I personally agree, but this 1.5 billion barrels could save many people’s lives

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