Botticelli: The Mars and Venus

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Botticelli: The Mars and Venus Morgan Bertagna Pynes March 9th 2008 Sandro Botticelli or more properly known as Alexandro Di Mariano Fillipepi was born in 1445 and was one of the greatest renaissance artists of his time (“Botticelli Biography” 1). He also had some of the best paintings of the time, one imperticular being “The Mars and Venus”. He created it with Tempera on wood and it is 65 cm by 173.5 cm. It currently resides in the National Gallery in London. It is one of many of his works that was able to stay in great condition; it has been well preserved over the years with no missing or faded out sections (Lightbown 164). His most productive years was in the decade of the 1480’s when he was called to Rome along with other artists to decorate the walls of the Sistine Chapel with scenes from the Old and New Testaments and of course it’s also when he created “The Mars and Venus” in c. 1483 (Campbell 73). The painting has a woman and a man that are the most predominant subjects in the painting. The woman is lounging or leaning back on a pillow to the left of the painting and the man is fast asleep on the right side of the painting. In between the woman and the man it is seen of what looks like three infant satyrs that are playing with a weapon, a helmet, and a shell. There is also a fourth satyr that is underneath the man in what looks like body armor. This whole scene is placed in a field area with them in a cove type area of shrubs or bushes. When it comes down to the subject matter; the main subjects in this work of art are the woman and the man. Though they aren’t directly in the middle of the paintings like a lot of subjects are seen, the eyes are directed to them because of the smooth lines connecting them almost making them as one main subject. They are also much larger than any other possible subject like the satyrs in

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