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THE FOOD CRISIS IN AFRICA WINFRED WANGARI NGUNJU CO1/22248/2008 24/7/2014 UNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI FACULTY OF ARTS DEPARTMENT OF POLITICAL SCIENCE AND PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION CPS 351: POLITICS OF AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT The food crisis in Africa Overview Hunger in the 21st century remains an appalling yet existing reality in many African countries. Despite the high rate of food production and agricultural viability in many regions, food shortage remains a tasking issue for many administrations and governments. In spite of efforts made to advance food supply, conditions remain the same. These conditions necessitate speedy action by African administrations as a means of delivering and ensuring food security, as well as delivery of agricultural assistance to countries that require it the most. This paper explores the cause of food shortage in a number of African countries while offering sufficient recommendations aimed at mitigating the food crisis. Introduction The causes of food crisis in Africa differs greatly from one region to the next, a situation that is worsened by recurring debilitating crises such as civil unrest, undesirable weather conditions, high rates of population growth and restricted crop failures. It is essential to point out that general supply of agricultural produce has improved in many African regions; however, assistance directed at food production is still a necessity in many sub-regions. There is a growing need for large scale and global intercession to bring about hasty improvement in the region’s food situation. More essentially, regional administrations need to deal with the root causes of food shortages in Africa, which include high rates of poverty, general lack of agricultural management, recurring conflicts, unfair trade regulations, as well as unparalleled

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