Boston Tea Party

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''No taxation without representation''. The Boston Tea Party occurred on December 16th 1773. This event was about American colonist and citizens who protested on the taxes on tea . This is why the Boston Tea Party was the most important contribution that led to the American revolution because , the British passed on the tea act law , the Americans refused to buy the tax tea from England, the sons of liberty dumped all the British , and because of the intolerance law. The Boston tea party all started when England found out that Americans were smuggling tea from different countries. England wanted them to purchase their tea . They knew that if no one purchase their tea , then their company would eventually go out of business. They were using the east India company to sell their tea. To support them , they passed on a law called the tea act. One reason why the Boston tea party was the most important contribution to the American revolution is because the British made a new law called the tea act which made their tea from the British east India company very cheap. This law also taxed other companies that sold tea. American colonist were forced to purchase the tea from them since it became the cheapest around. This tea act law was believed to be a trick. So , American colonist protested against the taxation on the tea because they believed the tax was used for sending their troops out to the Indian and French war. That is one reason why the Boston tea party was a contribution to the American Revolution. Second, When the three

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