Boston Tea Party

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The Boston Tea Party The liberation of America was not based on one specific event, but the accumulation of many significant events that lead to the American Revolution. The Boston Tea Party was a political protest against the British government and East Indian Company that took place in Boston, Massachusetts on December 16, 1773. American patriots disguised themselves as a Native American tribe called the “Mohawk,” and boarded a ship belonging to the British East Indian Company, dumping 342 chests of tea into the Boston Harbor. Many say it was an act of vandalism and disrespect, but in reality it was one of the many stepping-stones that led to the American Revolution. The event that started as a revolt against the tax policy on tea became an iconic event in American history and led to major tension between the Americans and Europeans. This essay will argue that the Boston Tea Party was a catalyst for revolution. In England, tea drinking had a wide spread effect on the economy. Through the monopoly obtained by th East India Company, the company’s revenues were raising substantially. At first, tea started as a delicacy for the upper class, but by the middle of the eighteenth century, tea became the most popular drink of the British nation. “ The tea trade soon became a most profitable lin of business for the East India Company.” It wasn’t until the 1720’s that the first regular scheduled shipments of tea were shipped to North American colonies. In the 1740’s tea drinking in America drastically increased, and “by the 1760’s Americans were consuming well over 1,000,00 pounds a year.” In the Early Eighteenth Century, tea was accounting for more then 90% of the East India Company’s profits. At that time only around 40% of Great Britain was consuming tea made by the East India Company, therefore most of their profit was coming from the tea they exported and sold in

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