Boston Massacre Case Study

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Dear Mom, You won’t believe what has been going on around here in Boston. Remember I last wrote you and told you how 4000 British soldiers came to Boston to keep peace and enforce the Townshend Acts of 1767. Well, on March 5,1770 right down the block on king street there was a British soldier named Hugh White who was having problems from a large group of citizens. The people were throwing snowballs and calling the soldiers names. A soldier got mad and hit a boy called Edward Garrick with the butt of his gun. All of the soldiers must of heard the noise because they all came and then started shooting at the crowd that had gathered. When the shooting finished there were 5 civilians killed. Can you believe that? 8 soldiers were arrested and are on trial. I will write more as soon as I hear the verdict.…show more content…
The 2 soldiers named Kilroy and Montgomery were found guilty of killing the civilians. The sentence they should have gotten was the death penalty but they were released. As a condition of their release they both had the letter M for MANSLAUGHTER burnt onto their thumb so everyone will know what they did. The people of Boston are sending news of what happened to other colonies to get them to fight against new TEA ACT and to stop having the British government having control over them. There is talk about them doing something called the BOSTON TEA PARTY where they are going to throw the tea overboard into the ocean. I will write more as soon as I hear anything
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