Boston Marathon Bombing Ethical Dilemma

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Ethics is something that each profession and individual person needs to have to complete their life goals. Each individual person is different in how they demonstrate their ethics. Ethical choices are always plastered over the internet and into our homes. We the people hear about it all. This may be too soon to use but I believe that the events that has transpired since the Boston Marathon Bombing is a great current ethical dilemma. With events like this individual emotions take over and it can be hard to do the ethical things when your personal feelings of hurt, hate and the unknown are present. The nature of a dilemma in the case of the Boston Marathon Bombing is do we kill the suspects out of anger and because we can, or do we capture, arrest and let the arms of the justice system take over and predict the outcome. It would have been just as easy to shot and kill both suspects in this horrible event. And after learning that a law enforcement officer was gunned down is enough for an officer’s personal emotional feelings to take over and…show more content…
This decision was something that caught me by surprise. Watching this story develop through the news and the intent I made the assumption that neither of these two individuals would be taken alive as proved by the older brother who was killed during a fire fight with law enforcement. Once law enforcement had the suspect pinned down inside the boat they could have just as easy open fired and killed the remaining brother but they didn’t. They took every precaution to ensure that they would capture the younger brother alive. By taking him alive can prove to be a tactic used to retrieve useful information regarding any potential future attacks, a reason why they did what they did, was there anyone else involved and if there is a bigger driving force behind these two

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