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Boston Consulting Firm Essay

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The College of St. Scholastica

MGT 3550: Organizational Behavior

Research Project

Boston Consulting Firm

Due: April 13th, 2012

Submitted to:
Dr. Sabah Alwan

Reported By Group 6:
Ace Amin
Samuel Carter
Zorig Tummennsan
Samuel Reed

Table of Contents

Introduction 1
Background 1
Purpose of study: 2
Literature Analysis
Structure 3
Employee Benefits & Development Programs 5
Social Responsibility 7
Work-Life Balance 8
Findings 10
Data Collection 11
Conclusion 11
Summary Table 12
References 13


I. Introduction

Founded in 1968 by Bruce Doolin Henderson, a Nashville Tennessee native with a engineering major from Vanderbilt University, Boston Consulting Firm have come a long way from its early days simply as a consulting department for Boston Safe and Deposit Bank into the global management consulting firm we see today. Since the mid 1960’s BCF have expanded its business remarkably as they stand today with over 70 offices in 42 different countries. This dramatic expansion has not gone unnoticed, as of this year they joined a unique list of only three companies ever to appear on Fortune Magazine’s “Best Companies to Work For” list for 7 consecutive years. The success of Boston Consulting Group can be found in their commitment towards finding distinctive and creative solutions by approaching all clients’ concerns and challenges uniquely and therefore creating a distinctive relationship with each and every one of them.
Boston Consulting Group fundamental values of respect, integrity, partnership, diversity, value, and social impact will continuously reoccur as we will discuss the organizational structure, employee benefits and rewards,   employee involvement in decision making, processes, and finally work-life balance. (Boston Consulting Group, 2012)

II. Background
Dropping out of Harvard Business School to pursue a career as a salesman at Westinghouse Corporation in the late 1930’s, founder Bruce Henderson early on...

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