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Boston Accent Essay

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  • on December 4, 2013
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Instead of going to that bar by the harbor we went to the barber."

Instead of going to that bar by the harbor we went to the barber."

"Instead- a-goin' to that bah-by-the-hahbah, we went to the bahbah.
"Instead- a-goin' to that bah-by-the-hahbah, we went to the bahbah.

The Boston Pronunciation
When we think of American English, we often seem to think that all Americans speak with the same accent. The truth is that there is a great variety of accents in the US according to where you live. In this text, I will focus on an Eastern New England accent. New England is a six-state region in the northeast corner of the USA and consist of the following states: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. I have chosen to find information about the Boston accent. Boston is located in Massachusetts, Eastern New England, and is one of the oldest settled parts of the country (http://www.discovernewengland.org/about-new-england-usa/new-england-usa-quick-facts/) and (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boston).

Even though you will find various accents in the US, there are some similarities among most of them. We divide English pronunciation into two groups of accents; the rhotic and the non-rhotic accents. Rhotic speakers pronounce the phoneme R in all words and positions, while non-rhotic speakers only pronounce R in words if the next word that follows starts with a vowel sound. Most people in the US speak with a rhotic accent, which means that they have the pronunciation of R in common. Nevertheless, there are a few exceptions and the Boston accent is one of them. People living in this area sound like American English speakers in general, but there are some specific pronunciation features that are typical for this area.   You might say that the inhabitants of Boston have a unique pronunciation of spoken English, and that phonetic, phonology (looks at two different aspects of sound) and lexical features express this. Boston has an r-less...

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