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Bosnian War Essay

  • Submitted by: seungchan
  • on January 10, 2014
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I haven’t faced any injustice directly in my life, since I am living in such a safe community in Bergen County. But I do not take this for granted; there are many places in the world that is corrupt, deprived of happiness, and injustice lingering around. As time has progressed, injustices have been forgotten by many people worldwide. We need to remember them. If not, history will repeat itself once again.
A clear example of this, is the Bosnian War. The Bosnian war was genocide of Bosniaks (Muslim Bosnians.) A couple of decades back, something very similar occurred during the time of the 2nd Great War; the Holocaust. In the holocaust, countless many Jews and Gypsies were murdered. People have said, “Never again” will genocide of the Jews will happen ever again. And yet is hasn’t. And yet it has. There hasn’t been genocide of the Jews in this current century, but there has been another genocide-equally as sinful; The Bosnian war.
On February 29, 1992, the republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina issued a referendum for independence. The Bosnian Serbs did not agree on such terms, so they gathered arms and military support and attacked the Croats and Muslims in Sarajevo, the Bosnian capital. Foreign governments decided to take action by keeping fuel and weapons from Serbia, but were not enforced enough. Bosnian Serb guerrillas soon carried out deadly campaigns of, “Ethnical Cleansing” massacring a variety of ethnic groups (majority of them Muslim/Croat) and expelled them from their homes for Serbians to live in. These attacks on civilians disrupted supplies of food and water, when aid was most crucial; it became the worst refugee crisis, since WWII. The United Nations resolved to punish the war crimes committed by the Serbs. In 1994, Muslims and Croats from Bosnia made a truce and formed a confederation. The Confederation agreed to a plan for a split half of Bosnia, except that the Muslims and Croats had a slightly larger percentage of Bosnia (51-49 split) Despite their...

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