Bosnian Genocide Research Paper

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Bosnia "I had a house and my Serbian neighbor had a house. I had a son and so did my neighbor. I bought my son a computer; my neighbor sent my son a rifle. Then the war came. My Serbian neighbor had a son, two houses, a rifle, and a computer. My son and I were taken to Omarska." This was the reality of the Bosnian genocide of the early 1990's. What defines a society or a culture? A culture is a group of people with similar beliefs, thoughts, behaviors, customs, music, food, traditions, religion, and/or language. There are many types of cultures. A society is a community, a group of people inhabiting a similar area that share ideas. So, a society can be, and often is, full of many cultures. Bosnia was one of these societies.…show more content…
Antiracism is not only being racially tolerant ourselves, but provoking action against racism / racist acts. Multiculturalism is an understanding and appreciation of one's culture. Community should be a way to "foster solidarity amongst various groups in spite of their ethnic and cultural differences," which will cause us to treat individuals with respect and humanity. This is the way a society needs to be to keep peace and balance between our many differences. We also discussed finding common ground. We are all so different, especially here in America with all types of cultures and backgrounds coming together to learn, work, play, eat, and live as one. There are so many things we can teach and learn from each other, and so many things we can share in commonality. It is amazing to me just how similar we really are, and how much people don’t take the time to get to know someone and automatically assume these racial and social stereotypes. This is how conflict begins. After a conflict, a solution needs to be

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