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Borte In the movie Mongol, Borte is considered the perfect or ideal Muslim wife. When she met Temudgin she came up to him and said she wanted to be his wife and when it came time for Temudgin to choose he chose Borte. She also has strong legs, which is good because according to Temudgins father they can please a man. The two cannot marry now because they are only 8 and 9 so Temudgin will come back in 5 years to marry his bride. Borte waits for Temudgin until he returns this shows she is a good bride because she could have married another man. They marry but when they are on their honeymoon together Borte gets kidnapped by a Merkit Khan because Temudgins father had stolen the Khans wife and the Khan had sworn revenge. In one year Temudgin rescues her and when he finds her she has a baby named Jochi. He freely accepts this kid as his own even though it is the Merkit Khans. Borte goes with her husband even though she had to wait year before he saved her, this shows that she is loyal to Temudgin. He will leave and return to Borte several times and she is always willing to accept him back as her husband. When Temudgin looses a battle to his blood brother and his Uncle he is sold into slavery and locked in a cage so he can starve and people can mock him. He sends a monk to go find Borte and he gives him a wishbone that him and Borte have exchanged in the past. The monk dies and Borte finds him with the wishbone so she knows her husband is in trouble. She waits by the body until a caravan comes and she goes on it but in order to do that she has to have sex with the person in charge because she has no money. This causes another baby that Temudgin accepts as his own. The caravan leader takes her to the city where Temudgin is being kept. Borte waits until night and she pulls a knife on one of the guards and she gets the key so Temudgin can escape. This shows she is a

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