Borrowing Golf Carts

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“Borrowing” Golf Carts My friend Sebastian owns a house near a golf club at Valle de Bravo, he invited four of my friends to his house, and he had the courtesy to invite me only one day to his weekend house. Waking up at 10:00, in holydays, is not usual however if I wanted to go to Sebastian’s house, I needed to wake up early and get dressed to go the soon as possible. I arrived at his house and they where waiting for me at the entrance. “Hello!”, Sebastian’s mom said, I respond the same to her but Sebastian quickly grabbed me to play. Sebastian’s house had a large lawn area and a big jacuzzi by the side; the most comfortable detail is that the eleventh hole is in the best views of the dwelling. The condominium has a Golf Club House with a huge swimming pool and two pool tables, and, the biggest attraction of the weekend, golf carts. Though we all love golf carts, Sebastian does not owe one. However, we thought we could rent carts, but they were only for golf members, however, playing golf was not in our plans. Teenagers always generate the best ideas, so as immature teenagers we decided that “borrowing” golf carts was a great proposal. Even though borrowing sounds effortless, there was a lot of initiative, bravery and intellect needed to have access and drive the carts. Firstly, we went through the carts’ storage and we took the easiest cart of storeroom. After we “borrowed” it out, we were all hand shaking, afraid, and frightened because if the security of the condominium knew we were stealing, they would quickly tell Sebastian’s mom, which will turn to be the worse event in the entire weekend. We drove all day long without anyone interrupting or telling us to put the cart back. At the end of the day we put the cart back to its place, with no incidents and not being caught. After all I stayed that night at Sebastian’s house. The next morning we

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