Borrowed Theories Essay

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Identify at least 2 borrowed theories that you use in everyday nursing practice. Do you think that nurse researchers can use non-nursing theories to develop nursing knowledge? Why or why not? Borrowed theories are shared theories that are adapted to nursing context. The theory originates from another discipline and is considered borrowed when the context is unchanged (Spear, 2007). Nursing theory is the phenomenon or framework that problem solves questions related to nursing practice. Two borrowed theories used in everyday nursing practice are Lazarus's theory and Piaget's theory. Lazarus's theory deals with stress, coping, and adaptation and Piaget's theory deals with cognitive development and how humans gradually acquire and use knowledge through maturity. Both theories are adaptive responses learned through internal and external environmental experiences. Stress can lead to thoughts that cause anxiety and panic over unrealistic fears. With cognitive restructuring, the person can learn how to think differently and replace the thought with rational and more positive thinking. In Piaget's theory, "it is the process of taking one's environment and new information and fitting it into pre-existing schemas" (Cognitive theory). Schemas allow the person to interpret mental and physical actions through the process of obtaining knowledge. Cognitive theory is based on assumptions and accommodation on how a person perceives and adapts to new information. Lazarus and Piaget's theories are applicable in the role of nursing. Nursing is responsible to care for the whole patient. The nurse's role encompasses educator, resource person, coach, and leader. It is important to establish a trusting relationship with the person to help with long and short-term goals to promote self-care and health wellness. In everyday nursing practice, "The nurse can help
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