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Your Opinion or nothing Paulo Freire the author of the Pedagogy of the Oppressed discusses two completely different concepts of education: the banking and problem-posing model. The banking model is a concept of education that is based on one direction of learning where the professor is the main person and knows everything but the students do not know anything. Freire explains that “The students, alienated like the slave in the Hegelian dialectic, accept their ignorance as justifying as the teachers existence-but unlike the slave, they never discover that they educate the teacher”. The problem-posing model of education is that teachers and students have partnership and understanding between each other. This is means that professor gives you more help and options for studying. Also trying to help is interested in this class or subject. Unfortunately the banking model is still present in our education and often prevents students from being themselves. In my High School experience I have gone through the banking concept of education. It was the Russian language and literature classes teacher. Her attitude toward students describes exactly what Freire says; it is one direction of learning. The teacher made the environment in the classroom like she is the main person, and she knows everything that is why students should pay attention to her, and repeat everything what she has on her mind. Her system of teaching was, “when I say that everyone should be silent” then everything should be like professor said. Materials that the teacher gives should be perceive by understanding because students are not robot because they can not just repeat and memorized. Different options of learning are not just recording, memorizing and repetition; it is should be understanding. I remember one moment when a professor called as idiots because some student asked a question and the

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