Bordertown Essay

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Juarez, Mexico a town with a population of nearly 1.5 million people is an up and coming economic city near the Mexican-American border. An average American just as I have buys their SONY LCD television excited about the amazing image, or how great football will look on Sunday. The one thing that does not go though our minds is why is it that I bought this television for cheap? The answer is very simple. There are young twenty something year old woman working in maquiladoras or factories assembling these electronics for more or less $5.00 a day. How can the government and the president of these countries that are assembling as well as importing and distributing these goods allow these measly wages? The answer is simple it is a win-win situation for both sides. Both governments and or corporations are making the money they want; they don’t care about the employees and the conditions under which they work. Much less do they care about mass murders spanning well over ten years in the vicinity of one town. Is it a coincidence that young woman are found raped and strangled to death, all near Juarez and its maquiladoras. We as humans were brought upon this earth as hunters and gatherers, not entrepreneurs willing to do anything for more and more money. We were made to be cultivators of this earth not to be mass producers of electronics and much less to take advantage of our own species. Eva is the courageous young woman in the film who works for a maquiladoras and has to live off of those $5.00 a day. It took Barbara Ehrenreich less than a month to realize that an American minimum wage is not enough for an average person to live off of. Eva is much worse off; she also has to keep an eye over her shoulder in regards to her safety. We see her get raped, strangled, and left for dead, in the beginning but she does not let this bring her down. Eva just needs some help and

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