Borderline Personality Disorder & Childhood Sexual Abuse Essay

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Week 8 Paper Victoria Hummons April 28, 2013 Prof Patti Beth Childhood trauma and Borderline Personality Disorder a relationship exists? Introduction Millions of Americans suffer from personality disorders. Borderline personality disorder affects 6-10 million Americans each year. 75-90% of individuals diagnosed with BPD are women. Currently there is no information on what causes BPD. There is a suspected positive correlation between sexual abuse during childhood and later being diagnosed with BPD. More and more people are being diagnosed with personality disorders, and studies have shown that these disorders may be linked to childhood abuse or trauma. "Traumatic childhood experiences may obstruct the normal development process." (Trippany, Helm, & Simpson, 2006) Trauma can be sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse which can be parental neglect. 70% of individuals who are diagnosed with BPD reported having experienced some type of childhood trauma. So there are about 30% of individuals who are diagnosed with BPD who have not reported any childhood trauma, but experienced a separation from their parents. (Trippany, Helm, & Simpson, 2006)Parental neglect can also be viewed as having dealt with trauma. Method Participants 100 women ages 18-45. Participants will come from all economic backgrounds, upper and middle class, as well as those below the poverty line. The participants will come from Universities, Welfare office and Doctor's offices. Ethic demographics will be 65% Caucasian, 20% African American, 10% Hispanic and 5% Asian. Procedure Participants will need to sign a release form to participate in the study and permission to audio tape the initial interview. Participants will be told about the study and that they may chose to not participate at any time without penalty. This study is

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