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Borderline Personality Disor Essay

  • Submitted by: MarkRougier
  • on October 14, 2012
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Individual Project

Abnormal Psychology

The purpose of this paper is to draw the reader’s attention to Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and one of its co-occurring mental disorders, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). One internet glossary defines BPD as “A personality disorder characterized by extreme instability and impulsivity, fear of abandonment and self-injurious behavior” and   PTSD as “A diagnosis based on symptoms of fear, terror, helplessness, avoidance of stimuli associated with past trauma, emotional numbing, sleep problems, irritability, hypervigilance, depression, anxiety, and poor concentration. This diagnosis is derived at when these symptoms follow the experience of a traumatic event.” The paper will firstly present a description of the “patient” and the presenting problem s; as well as a brief summary of how the relating symptoms were assessed. A multiaxial DSM-IV-TR diagnosis based on a hypothesis about the causes of their dysfunction will then be offered. A treatment plan and a prognosis will also be discussed.
Case Study
Wayne and Sharon Davis have been married for six years and are contemplating a divorce. Sharon is 27 years old and Wayne is 29. They have no children. When they eventually filed for a divorce, the judge suggested counselling and ordered the time, place and counselor for them to see before they proceeded any further with their plans.
One of the major causes of the conflict in the marriage was when Sharon got angry, she found it very difficult to control her anger; and as a result she would engage Wayne in actual physical fights. This left her feeling passionately unsettled. On the other hand, Wayne reported that the only way he could calm her down, or avoid the battles, was to threaten to leave the home and never come back. Sharon would then make the most desperate efforts to avoid him from leaving her. Wayne knew that Sharon was terrified of living alone. That is because, three years ago their...

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