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3/9/13 There are six different editions of Windows 7: Starter Home Basic Home Premium Professional Enterprise Ultimate Only the Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate editions are available through retail channels. The following table describes several features found in Windows 7: Feature Windows Firewall Description Windows Firewall provides real-time network traffic filtering. It controls traffic through the network interface using a set of inbound and outbound rules that can filter traffic on the port and IP address. Action Center is a central location for dealing with messages about your system and the starting point for diagnosing and solving issues about your system. It consolidates all the Windows 7 security related tools into one location, which simplifies your ability to access and use the specific tool that you need. Power Management provides ways to conserve battery power on a laptop. You can use the built-in power plans or can customize a power plan to fit your individual circumstances. User Account Control (UAC) alerts you whenever the task or operation you are trying to do on the computer requires administrator privileges. Instead of receiving an access denied prompt, you will receive a UAC prompt that will provide a way to elevate your status from a standard user to an administrator account without having to log off the computer or switch users. Internet Explorer 8 is the default browser for Windows 7 and provides tools to help protect privacy and computer security while browsing the Internet. Improved backup and restore tools let you back up files based on user configuration, including which files to backup and when the backup should occur. HomeGroups are a simple way of sharing resources and managing authentication to resources on a home or small business network. HomeGroup

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