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Boot Camp Analysis Projects normally are hectic and chaotic, especially when feeling the need to rush everything within a given period of time. With the Extended Introduction project, it honestly was a really good experience to have, especially to have it start off senior year. It provides the exhilarating features of a project, as well as a lesson for ones’ self to learn from mistakes and also picking up tips on how to improve. As time prolonged, I noticed that as everyone was going through the same stress, the project did not seem to be as difficult as the instructions made it to be. Having this be the first major project of senior year was one of the most memorable experiences. Simply because having a partner with a schedule just as busy as mine really meant having to become more flexible with working together and adjusting to the unexpected plans that may arise. This meant having to meet in odd places to sit down and plan for the presentation. Even with different work ethics, it was very informative learning about how one could learn with each other and dealing with two very different styles of writers. This meant having to be more open-minded when dealing with a completely opposite style of writing. While working on the extended introduction responses with a partner, it was interesting to do so because it meant having to expand ones’ writing abilities and be open to new ideas, even if they are not really the type of writing style that one is used to. Every one has a different style of writing. Having a partner that is the complete opposite when it comes to diction choices, and style of sentence structure, just makes both partners become better writers and expands their mind set toward their views and options of how to write a story, a response, and even essays. When it came to responding to prompts made by other students in the class, it was the most

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