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Since the early 80s, teenagers have been treated as adult criminals. Juvenile boot camps are the latest in this dangerous trend and are not as effective as teenagers being placed in prison. The criminal justice system thinks the more painful and harsh an intervention is on a juvenile offender teenager is the more effective it is. That is not true, juvenile boot camps seem to be failing. They are not effective. Juvenile offenders are dying in these boot camps and some after they leave boot camp, they go back to the way they were before. The first juvenile boot camp started in 1985 in Orleans Parish, Louisiana. These juvenile boot camps have become very popular with the criminal justice system. Correctional facility was using boot camps two years prior for adult offenders. As months went by, the population of juvenile offenders in prison was increasing so that when juvenile boot camp started. Most juvenile boot camps are designed for mostly teenage boys, with very few targeting females. Some states do not have age limits. Juvenile offenders in boot camp are normally nonviolent and can range anywhere from fourteen to eighteen years of age. The average cost for placing a juvenile offender in a boot camp program is 8,000-20,000 a year. This is compared to $21,000 as the average cost for housing an inmate in prison. Most juvenile offenders who are forced to attend boot camp are for similar. They are repeat, non-violent offenders who have been given a last chance to be rehabilitated. Only 40 percent of juvenile boot camps will accept offenders convicted of violent offenses, while 60 percent are limited to nonviolent offenders. The only judge that is authorized to send a juvenile to boot camp is a juvenile judge. Juvenile boot camps are similar to the boot camp training that military recruits go through. Their days start as early as

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