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Boondock Saints Movie Review

  • Submitted by: rudy9406
  • on February 29, 2012
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The Boondock Saints Movie Review

Imagine your brother is about to be shot in an alley six stories below. Meanwhile your chained to a toilet yanking on the toilet as if it was your own life that was at risk, when you finally set yourself free you look down below into the alley and realize you are not going to have enough time to take the elevators, especially not with a toilet in your arms. So you do what any brother would do. You jump onto one of the shooters and throw the toilet on the other. After landing you get up brush yourself off and go on with everyday life as if it was a common occurrence.

Fraternal Twins Connor Mcmanus (Sean Patrick Flanery), and Murphy Mcmanus (Norman Reedus) spend a night in jail after turning themselves in for the escapade described above. After a very interesting interrogation with homosexual FBI agent Paul Smecker (Willam Dafoe) the brothers decide to spend the night in jail.   While in jail they believe they were ordained by god himself to relinquish Boston of crime. They begin their journey at a Russian mob meeting where they singlehandedly slaughter at least seven men. They do it in a very comical fashion, after a brief argument in the buildings ventilation system the brothers begin to wrestle and eventually fall through the ceiling and revealing their presence, left with only one option the Saints unload on their targets, never missing a shot. After this shootout the saints go back to their friend Rocco’s (David Della Rocco) apartment where he discovers exactly what the saints are all about. Upon discovering this he immediately decides he wants to join. The brothers reluctantly agree and let him join. There next few kills suddenly become sloppy. Smecker begins to realize that the saints have allowed a third party to partake in their vigilantism. Hot on their trail Smecker finds himself faced with a big question. To support what the saints are doing or to actively pursue them as the law would state.

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