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The Boondock Saints A movie about what would happen if ordinary men took justice into their own hands; if law was able to utilize these men to keep the streets safe; The Boondock Saints is such a movie. The MacManus brothers show that flame of vengeance that men who have had justice break on them wish to have as well. The feeling of a crime going unresolved fluctuates throughout many people in the world. The famous O.J. Simpson trial in the 90’s reflects that opinion. The Boondock Saints shows what the power of decriminalizing a city by the hands of citizens has towards justice. Catholicism is a major aspect of the film. Even in the first scene, it begins with the Irish brothers attending mass on Saint Patrick’s Day. During the middle of the sermon, the brothers stride towards the front of the church to pray and kiss the body of Christ. It seemed like a natural event, something they do all the time. The Priest didn’t stutter his words nor glance at the brothers, but carelessly continued with his story. It appeared as if the brothers were ready to start God’s plan, to kill all who‘s evil. Furthermore, after every kill the brothers would follow up with a prayer. The family prayer the MacManus brothers recite when they justify the wrong resembles many aspects from the Catholic Religion. It displays the respect for passing of the dead to the holy world, no matter what one did in the world to wrong others. With each prayer ending in: “In Nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritūs Sancti,” or in English, “In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.” This is used as a blessing in Catholic Churches for communion, or other religious benefits and services. So the men utilize that blessing as a message from God to deliver to the evildoers when they complete his command. Basically, the MacManus brothers are lambs of God carrying out every mission

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