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Books can do a number of things. They contain secrets, hold history, medicine, recipes. They can hold stories with no weight, pictures or comics. Literature can be defined by Websters dictionary as: Written works, especially those considered of superior or lasting artistic merit. Literature is where emotions can be evoked, numbed, exposed or created. Sympathy for people, characters, that we do not actually know are usually one of the most common and one of the most powerful. Shakespeare's greatest quality is being able to create bonds between the character and the audience or reader. Why does one cry when Romeo and Juliet kill themselves at the end of the tragedy? It's emotion, the bond, the sympathy but why do Romeo and Juliet kill themselves? Raw emotion, love, and disregard for all things logical. This is a trend set by many characters because in a book anything can happen. In Macbeth any number of things can be felt. Mostly sadness, for all of the lives he took. Some may feel anger at the maliciousness of his wife. The audience may feel she is extremely kniving and power hungry in the beginning and know someone like her, or be like her herself. A CEO, politicians, a number of people could understand hers and Macbeths thirst for power. Now probably most do not go to the extent of murder to gain the power but one may be surprised at the extent one would for the ideal of fame and power. Of course, the saying "Behind every successful man is a great woman." This is, literally, dead accurate. Many women may envy how strong Lady Macbeth's character, an emotion that can be felt often while reading. It is easy to live vicariously through a character in a book, and many do. How do the characters use their emotions, though? They use them to govern their life and every action. Lady Macbeth did not care about the consequences, she did not care about the fact that

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