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Nov. 2013'Come get lost in your thoughts under water.” This is a quote from one of my favorite authors by the name of Stephanie Myers. When I read book I release all kinds of stress while in the tub. It's feels like my life struggles no longer matter. The things I need to relax during my bath are a good book, scented candles, and music.Reading books is the most important thing for me to have. Before I get in the water I grab a couple of my favorite books such as “A Long Walk to Love,” “Love don't cost a thing”, and “Twin Lovers.” I would start by reading my favorite which is “A Long Walk to Love”,first because I really enjoy Love Stories. They make me feel like a little girl in a princess story who's waiting her whole life trying to find her prince charming. I remember when I was younger me and my little sister Tiffany use to get in the tub before we grabbed our favorite book so we would jump out the the water dripping wet, run to our rooms and grab our Dr. Suess books and then race back to the bath room to see who could get in the tub first. My mother use scream at us cause we would track water up and down the hallway. Those were the good old days. When I get into my bath water it takes me to another world, away from everything negative. Nothing worries me. Not the stress at work or the stress of everyday things. As I sit in the water it just unwinds me. I feel like a young girl all over again.Not only is reading something I need when taking a relaxing bath but scented candles are also very important for me to have. I line them up all around the tub. I like using candles a lot now cause when I was little my mom wouldn't let me or my sister use them. She said we would burn down the house. I never believed that I thought she was just being mean. But realize it was a good ideal. I prefer to use the fat candles that are already in glass containers simply for the fact

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