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Books, Our Best Friends.. By Akhila Santoshi , X , E Published on 16 th Aug, 2012 Books are one of the best creations of man. They are beautiful, fascinating, interesting,mesmerizing, inspiring and appealing. They are of diverse kinds – fantasies, mysteries, comedies and autobiographic to name a few.Every book is invaluable and is an exquisite piece of art.It is interesting that these small cubes of paper may entice, comfort or inspire you. Books can be read for information or recreation. They take you down to unknown worlds and times with the will of your imagination: to a land of princes and witches or one of lions and dragons!!! In today’s world of technology, many are creatively handicapped. Books could be used as the most effective tools in sharpening one’s mental imagery. Books also meliorate your hold in vocabulary. In addition, they are one of the best means to kill time.Not only do books provide a much needed break from the daily hectic schedules and challenges but they also lighten and relax our minds. Often, the relief we get helps us deal with our problems better. Sometimes, books may also provide us with solutions which might never have struck us. Books are also a great source of inspiration to many.We have loads to learn from the autobiographies of those who have achieved and soared to great heights.Books facilitate us in becoming finer and responsible human beings.They widen our mental horizons and also evolve in us a new outlook towards life. In our life we only meet a limited number of characters. Books bring face to face with all types of people – dedicated patriots, historical celebrities, social reformers, criminals and many more.They acquaint us with all aspects of life – joys, sorrows, hardships, compensations, setbacks, disasters and victories. We can wander in the mazes of the past or have stunning glimpses of the unborn future.

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