Book Vs Film Speak Essay

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Sabrina Thomas Mel-Con #2 The film Speak detracts from the novel, the book Speak did a much more thorough job of getting up close and personal with Melinda’s story, whereas the film left out specific details that would have helped the understanding of the story. On one hand, in the book Speak, everything was very detailed and improved how you understood the story; on the other hand, the film was focused on the overall big picture. Very rarely did the movie go into great detail. For instance, in the book, there is a part where she has finally built the confidence to tell Rachelle about what happened the night of the end-of-summer party that wasn’t shown in the film that I thought was very important when I read it. “I’m on a roll. I’m rocking. I don’t know what it is; standing up to Heather, planting marigold seeds, or maybe the look on Mom’s face when I asked if she would let me redecorate my room. The time has come to arm-wrestle some demons. Too much sun after a Syracuse winter does strange things to your head, makes you feel strong, even if you aren’t” This quote from page 180 of the book should have, in my opinion, been in the film. It shows that since the beginning of the book, Melinda has grown and gained the confidence to speak. Everything that she had been holding within her finally had the chance to come out. Furthermore, a lot of scenes in the movie were changed in some way; some were simple changes while others were drastic cuts made to stay inside the time limit. In the scene after Melinda got raped for example. In the movie it seemed like they just put it in there because they had to, not because it was a key element to the telling of the story, it wasn’t dramatized in the way the book depicted it. I also felt as if the flashbacks came too abruptly during the film. In the novel, you were left wondering throughout the majority of the book. What

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